Claire Russell artist
Claire Russell is an international award winning artist and bespoke picture framer based in Gloucestershire, UK, specialising in frame restoration and gilding. She uses her extensive knowledge of gilding to create her Verre Églomisé pieces, combining her life-long love of drawing and art education. 
Pronounced Verr Egg-loam-eezay, it is a term used to describe the application of gold leaf on glass using a gelatine adhesive (gold size). Claire draws her designs into the gold leaf with a fine needle creating minute detail. The drawing side is the reverse side and the final image is viewed through the glass, the opposite way around. 
Her inspiration comes predominantly from the natural world, with a specific interest in lizards and insects.

Her work is exhibited at her studio in Gloucestershire and several prestigious miniature art societies throughout the year.    

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Claire Russell RMS MPSGS MASF BA

The Laurels Studio, Stone, Berkeley, Gloucestershire GL13 9LD.

Tel: 01454 269268 - Email: Claire Russell

© Copyright Claire Russell.

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