Gilding glass and adding detail

Before any drawing is done the gold must first be applied to the glass using a gelatine based glue (gold size).
Here I have added 24ct gold leaf on a 8x8cm glass panel. 
Detail is then added using a contrasting gold leaf, in this case a 7.2ct white gold is used for the jasmine petals, see below 

carpenter bee

'Carpenter Bee and Jasmine' 24ct gold leaf with 7.2ct white gold leaf

Verre eglomise.

Miniature in the making - Sitting Buddha

I have used a larger piece of glass with 2 pieces of gold leaf to give more space for a slightly taller subject.
A selection of gold leaf has been used including, 24ct gold leaf, 7.2ct white gold leaf and 22ct rose gold leaf.
The image of the Buddha is from a sketch I completed of a stone sculpture, further detailing is from my imagination...

Image to come when finished!...

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