Please contact me if you would like to know about the price and availability of my miniatures.
lemon tree
Tuscan Lemon Tree - SOLD
22.5ct gold leaf on glass - 8x8cm
Buddleia Buddies - SOLD
 23ct gold leaf on glass with
7.2 white gold - 8x8cm
Gold Leaf - SOLD
22.5ct gold leaf on glass - 8x8cm
pompon dahlia
Pompon Dahlia - SOLD
 23ct gold leaf on glass - 7x7cm

Tree of life
Tree of Life - SOLD
24ct gold leaf with 7.2ct white gold leaf on glass - 8x8cm

pompon dahlia
Tropicanna Gold Lily
 23ct gold leaf on glass - 7x7cm

Autumns Bounty
Autumns Bounty - SOLD
 (As seen in Artists and Illustrators Magazine)
23ct gold leaf on glass - 5x5cm

the cardoon visitor
The Cardoon Visitor - SOLD
22.5ct gold leaf on glass - 8x8cm
Guilding the Lily - SOLD
22.5ct gold leaf & 925 silver leaf on glass - 8x8cm

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